We are testing for a couple of month the cubes of cardboard, Gigi Bloks concept.

My first reaction when I received them, was: biodegradable, WOW! With  all the plastic toys around me, it was something new! When I got a package home, reasonably sized, I didn’t  knew I would be invaded by 100 cubes.

The girls immediately wanted to try them. I said to wait for the „engineer” of the family, because my neuron didn’t not work so late. But  my 5 years old child kind of figured how should assemble and with the help of her father,  who has more dexterity, assembled all the cubes in about an hour.

Then we started to build …. a castle for princess! The most basic castle, the older built …the little one destroyed! We had guest a boy who made the castle better looking and he also drew a crown at the entrance. My Princess was delighted, and Furlifus began to color the other bloks in the structure. It is true that sometimes I stumble into the library of bloks that the Princess recently build for the ponies,  or into the refrigerator made from a blok, or the stables for ponies …  the bloks are all over the house!

When I clean, I have to ask what bloks formations should remain whole, if not I will have drama in the house if I destroy something!

The advantage for adults: besides the fact that they are biodegradable: you won’t have buzzes if you hit the bloks! As resistance: the bloks behaved fairly well assembling and disassembling, sometimes even slightly broken.

My children for their „universe” are using this bloks now, colored plastic ones took a break. I liked that the children could assemble them and we explained what biodegradable means.

I recommend to order the package, according to how much space you have at home and expect to be flooded with cubes! The creative process of children is infinite!

Gigi Bloks concept is a family  one and comes from Latvia. Parents of a little girl of five years, have thought about how they could of building the children like adults! Build big with smart toys!

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